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What is Blog kak Ryan? Blog kak Ryan is a personal blog develop by Ryan jauhari. This blog was made since 2018 ago, in that year i making this blog for sharing affiliate links. I have been posting many article contains affilziate link as earn apps, commision links, games apk with shortlink which earn me money. 3 month latter i think that's not lucky for me, because I never get one sen money from it.

Think not usefully and not generate money for me then i want to monetize it with google Adsense, so hard for me to making this site is ready to review by google adsense team. this blog has 10 time rejected by adsense team, the reason is violation google adsense guidelines. But i think it's not violated, i completed 3 month to do that. Aftet 3 month, my blog approved by google adsense, I have fun hearing that.

Now every day I enjoy my life with grow up this blog, I wrote and made news article everyday. Sharing news article is so fun for me and more simple. In a day i want design my theme, and do that without hidden adsense code in my template. I work with kiwi web browser to hidden ads by using adblocker, ads still not appear when refreshing the page every time but page view stats on google adsense always increase.

Then in the morning, I get an incoming email message from Google, In the email notifying me that the ad serving to my account has been temporarily restricted. I was shocked and sad to hear that, because of that incident I could not get income for one month. I passed those days by writing new articles while feeling sad because I could not profit, but even so I was still passionate about writing a blog.

One month 1 week after that, the problem of advertising restrictions is finished. and I can see the income and ad serving on my adsense dashboard. But unfortunately my blog traffic declined, I had difficulty coping.

After I checked it turned out that my article was copied and published by another blog. more than one article they copied, and they also changed the publication date earlier than my article.

I was very angry to hear that, but the owner of the blog could not be contacted. Until now I was struggling to start traffic and collect money for the first adsense verification.

today 20 march 2020 my income has reached 130 thousand rupiah or equivalent to 10 dollars, and that is the verification threshold. I ask for prayers, hopefully the verification will run smoothly.

Support me to growing up this blog, if you want to be a monthly visitor you can bookmark my web page. I will try to share what i want and all of i knowlege informtion from internet. I am from indonesian, live in shout sumatera street. Now i does'nt have any job, i hope this blog can use to make money. I try to share things that are useful and I've tried. For example sharing program code that I have developed, sharing application files for free, and much more.

I do not know what I can work now because I am physically quite weak. Working a little is very easy to get tired, so I spend time at home while playing cellphones. Many people who don't like me only play cellphones, even though I'm blogging to make money. People assume playing cellphones is just playing games and cannot make money. But in fact many successful bloggers and YouTubers make money with just their android. I really want to taste the money from blogging, and this time I hope I can get it.